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SPSS Macros on the Internet

[Initially contributed 24 May 1999 by P.Callow; see bottom of page for latest update date]
What sources of SPSS macros are available on the Internet?
Here are a few that I know about; I hope other people will tell us about ones that should be listed but aren't.

An obvious starting point is SPSS Inc's own Macro Library at http://www.spss.com/tech/stat/macros/ (it doesn't contain very many, though, and they are statistical rather than utilities). If you are planning to adapt or write macros, it's also worth seeing what's in SPSS Inc's AnswerNet Solutions. Go to http://www.spss.com/tech/answer/, specify Product; SPSS Base and Free Text: macro, then click on the page's Search button.

Raynald Levesque's site http://pages.infinit.net/rlevesqu/ includes many pages on macros (including examples and some tutorial materials). But you should also look at the examples in his pages on syntax, as some of these are based on macros.

Newsgroups are also a useful source of macros. Searches of their archives can be very rewarding if you can get your search terms right (see our Other Internet Resources page).

Confidence intervals for proportions, differences between proportions and related quantities. See Dr Robert G. Newcombe's home page at http://www.uwcm.ac.uk/uwcm/ms/Robert.html. Note that these are SPSS programs rather than macros, despite being described as macros by the author.

Polytomous logistic regression (of particular interest to users of SPSS 8.0 and earlier). For macros by John Hendrickx and Prof. Dr. Steffen Kühnel see http://www.sls.wau.nl/bk/bedrijfskunde/jhendrickx/spss/mlogist/

Regression: evaluating collinearity in models with interactions or non-linear terms. For a macro by Ben Pelzer, Manfred te Grotenhuis, Jan Lammers, John Hendrickx, see http://www.sls.wau.nl/bk/bedrijfskunde/jhendrickx/spss/perturb/perturb.html

Last amended 14 June 2002