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Documentation for Sax Basic (as used for SPSS scripting)

[contributed 17 May 1999 by P.Callow, with acknowledgement of Neila Nessa's posting to the comp.soft-sys.stat.spss newsgroup on 13 May 1999, which supplied the URL for the manual.]
Where can I find documentation for SAX Basic (as used for SPSS scripting)

Most SPSS users will prabably find it sufficient to use the information provided by the Help menu in the Script Editor window, together with one of the many Visual Basic manuals available from booksellers. The best way to learn scripting is to experiment with modifying the scripts provided with the SPSS software (but copy them first ...take care not to overwrite them!). You should also look at the scripts in SPSS Inc's Script eXchange page at http://www.spss.com/software/spss/scriptexchange/ and try to work out that's going on in them.

For those who prefer to attend courses and are prepared to pay for them, SPSS training centres occasionally provide an 'Introduction to Scripting' course (consult your local SPSS office).

In case your curiosity gets the better of you ...

The Sax Basic Engine (Version 5.0) Developer's Guide & Reference Manual is available as a 0.5 MB PDF file from http://www.saxsoft.com/basic/Download/docs.asp (to read it you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat reader - the same one as is used for the online documentation distributed with SPSS itself). Note, though, that this manual is aimed primarily at software developers, not at the average SPSS user to whom most of the information it contains will be of little interest.

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