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ASSESS is an independent user group for SPSS, a computer package for analysing and presenting data. It is run by users, for users.

The group is currently centred on the United Kingdom where it holds an annual conference and other events, but we have had many members from other countries over the years (the first ASSESS international conference was held in Amsterdam in 1988).

ASSESS is entirely independent of IBM SPSS Inc. and its subsidiaries. Links to their pages on this website are provided entirely for the benefit of members of ASSESS.


New members are always welcome. There is no registration fee and in joining ASSESS you are making no commitments. The information you supply about yourself will be used only by ASSESS in connection with ASSESS matters and will not be passed on to any other organisation.

We particularly want to hear from people who can contribute to making this website a really useful international resource, or could help to develop ASSESS (inside and outside the UK).

ASSESS is an independent European user group for SPSS, a computer package for analysing and presenting data. Its first major events were a UK one-day conference at York in November 1987 and a three-day international conference in Amsterdam in March 1988. Since that time the main focus of ASSESS has been in the UK, where the SPSS user community has been particularly strong. It has organised an annual one-day conference, workshops, and other events in the UK See our Activities page to learn these, and our Diary page for information about forthcoming events. ASSESS also maintains this website and runs a mailing list, ASSESS-NEWS, for announcing events etc

the committee

ASSESS is run on a non-profit making basis by a committee which reports to an Annual General Meeting, under a written constitution. It is entirely independent of SPSS Inc. and its subsidiaries, the manufacturers of the software, though it maintains close links with them and acknowledges their support and cooperation over the years. For practical reasons and a delegate from SPSS has recently been added to the committee in the interests of efficient liaison.

There is no membership fee, and we keep the prices of our events as low as possible (special rates are usually available for students). ASSESS events are open to all users of SPSS and to anyone interested in SPSS.

ASSESS is for you if you want to

If you wish to join ASSESS, please use one of the following:

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